done smart

These are the pillars of our smart event management solution:

Engagement made easy

You can easily communicate with your fans and ticket holders hanks to the BehindStage news feed, e-mails and SMS messages - which you can use to reach fans with the most important messages.

Ticketing solution with predictable pricing

Ticket fees are fixed, so you know in advance how much you will receive from each sold ticket.

Brand building

You build your brand through direct communication with fans. Your marketing costs are constantly decreasing.

Data are always yours

You have full access to your fan data. We do not use your fans for marketing or ticket sales of other bands - thanks to a separate point of sale on our own domain.

60 000+

Tickets sold in 2023

For 2024 capacity of planned events is currently over 120 000 tickets.

$1.8M USD

Volume of processed payments in 2023

We anticipate doubling volume of processed payments in next year.

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